Educate Nepal

In 2015 Nepal where hit by an earthquake, that caused major damage to the hole country, both Everest and the less westoriented parts of the country, where the worst aftershakes reached 6,6 and 6,7 on the richerscale. Google

Byn Patle är indikerad av den gula pricken.
The village Patle is indicated by the yellow dot.

The world responded with helporganisations, Oxfam, Redkross, Swedish räddabarnen. Unicef and others, with clothes and other essentials.

Nearly 1,5 years later I´ve met a Sherpa durring my internship in Stockholm. Pemba Sherpa, who was giving a lecture about how Nepal has been durring the earthquake and the time sins.

Under the lecture Pemba mentioned that he had begun his own project to lift Nepal out of the ashes with begining building a school on a pice of land that he also gave away, after inheretage it from a relative.

This caught my eye, and I reached out to Pemba after the lecture by intruducing my self and asked if and how I could help him with his project.

Me and Pemba durring the lecture in Stockholm.

We agreed to stay in touch and the after some mailcurespondance we came up with that I should come down and help with the school and teach in english and computerknowledge for the kids and techers.


As soon as all planing and logistics are settled, and my examination from the Mountain and Adventure guide-education is done,  I´m going to travel down to Patle and Pemba to help out and begin to teach english and computerknowledge for a period of estimated three mounths. This to insure that a minimum level of education is taught and can be assured in some way.

After my stablishment on the ground I´m going to do a survey of what I´ve seen and talk to the people of Patle, what they think is necessery to get to the school and kids for their development and education. Based on this I´m going to do a raise for these special requests. More information about this is coming after evolution.



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