Campingstove – christmaspresent of the year!


So this year, finnaly the outdoors got to get in the spotlight and on every level.

Every year swedish reatail appoints a thing, as that years christmas present. And this year the campingstove got in the spotlight.

As a sign on how this yeaar has been, it is a worthy win for the outdoors. When people have changed the consept on ”going out”.

And used the campingstove or got a campingstove for the first time, to get out into the wilderness and cooked their own meal out, maybe with various results(?).

My self, have used several different kinds of campingstoves during the years but was introduced too the stove of stoves (Trangia) in the mid 90´s and used this stove as a scout mainly on camps and hikes. Before I actually bought my own in 2005.

Back then it was a choice between spirit or gas burner. But nowdays the variation is so much more then that.

Should you get it in aluminum, teflon, stainless-steel?

Should you add a coffee-kettle, cuttingboard or a campingcauldron for the big companies?

And that is just one of the type of stoves on the market!

I´m going to add a qiuck guide on this, (on swedish for now) to help you make the choice a bit easier. Or just for you too get a better view on the different types of stoves there is.


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