Canada – part 2 – Gone Camping!


Thermals, check, gloves and beanie, check, stove, check.

Just need to get fuel and lunch/dinners… and SNACKS! then we´re off!


Before we left for Canada, I talked with colleagues, people allready in Banff and around the Canadian rockies about what kind of food to go for.

Almost everyone came down to one brand, when it came to freezedried-food.

Happy Yak.


What we discouverd later was that some meals came in express, wich was simular to the ones back home, that did´nt have to be ”cooked”


We decieded to try out some different brands and went for what sounded good.

Pad thai, eggs and bacon, pasta pork and wine. Where some of the dishes we found.

The first impression was that the freezedried on the other side of the ”lake” is better in taste and consistance, then the ones back home.




After the last shoping of snacks or ”jägarsnus” as we call the snacks we bring outback in Sweden, we left the citypart of our packs in the house we rent in Banff, before leaving for our first campground. Lake Louise.


Cooking dinner the first day at our first camp.

Our camp consisted of:

Our Hilleberg Allak 3, a selfstanding three-person tent and a Hilleberg Tarp 10 UL to get an extra porch durring bad weather.

Togerther with a multifuel-stove and powertechpots from Primus, there is very little we could´nt take.


In the woods from campground Lake Louise to the actuall lake.


Durring our campingtrip we decided to do a summiting around Lake Louise.

The summit it fell on was Mount Fairview, after some research down by the visitorscenter and a look at the map.

We started by walking to Lake Louise and did the classic turisttour around the Hotel and the front of the lake, that barelly comes over 4 degrees celsius.

When, we arrived at the lake the rain hung over the mountain so we did´nt saw the top.

We decided to take our lunch down by the lake and see how the weather was going to turn out.


The classical view over Lake Louise.


After some time, the sky around the mountain cleared and we concluded that we where going to try to summit.

The guide down at the centre had said that it was a easy walk and that she and her friends did it some days ago in 4 hours. So it should not be the worst walk.


But let me tell you this… Bananabread has never tasted this good.



The walk up the mountain was not bad in any way, good path, fair signs and good hiking weather as well. But the stepness and the approach took the better of us, and when peaple passing us hike nothing. We understood that our packs was ”too heavy.”


But then the others did´nt have bananabread and coffee with them to enjoy on the summit eighter.




Our second camp outside of Banff. Not really like regular camping in Sweden.

After our time in Lake Louise we moved our camp too an other campground nearer too Banff, to get some more daily luxury. And here we did not get dissepointed.

Just 20 meters to the servicebuilding, 15 meters to the foodlocker, and much more quiet people around us then we had in Lake Louise.

A good setup as a complement for us, so she will get out with me on a bit more ”unconfortable”-adventures.


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