Canada – part one – tourist 101


So now we have survived the first week on the other side of the world!


On our way over in Los Angeles we did´nt really know how or what to do when we landed att LAX. A bunch of shuffling and pointing us here and there we finally got our bags checked in again and came thru to our next flight wich where taking us the last part of the trip to Vancouver.

Now we had been awake almost 20 hours and had still three hours of flying left and a taxiride to our first stay in Vancouver to get thru.

We got a cab after landing and a swift bagageclaim, and 40 min later we stood in the small entery to our new ”home”.


The first days in Vancouver we just tried to find our way and figure out where and how we got in to town. Some sightseeing, in Gastown – wich is an old part of town, with resturants and small souvenirshops.



We then decided to do something more then just see the town and found a dayactivity of going to The Capilano – Capilano is a suspension bridge built over a canyon with a wildwoods  preserve on the far side and a visitorscentre with small resturants and a souvnirshop on the entryside.

Amongst the trees in the park there where some other bridges and get-thrus built inbetween the trees. And a small pound, where they use to have fish, but sins there where Otters that moved in to the valley this spring, they´ve ate the lot.


After a panicvisit to the airport, sins we could´nt check in trhu our phones. And met up with the flightcompany, whom fixed everything with the check in for us. We just had a last easy day at home watching netflix, before the day we would lift off towards Calgary and Banff.




A smooth check in and a small flight to Calgary with a swift bustransit between Calgary and Banff. We arrived at our new B´n´B where we where going to stock up and get the last supplies before our hike, and see the surroundings.

At first we had booked a horsebackride until today, but Isabelle checked the weather before we came here and rebooked the tour for saturday instead, sins it was going to be better weather then.

The tour ended and we had sun and slight breeze the whole way, whilst today, (monday) it has been grey and rainy almost the whole day.


So today we packed our packs and got some lastminute snacks for tomorrow. Tonight it´s just going to be a movie and a small dinner, sins we had a great late-pastalunch at a genuine pastaresturant.



I think the hikes are going to be really good, sins we did´nt plan them out. We just going to do the trails we feel like along the week.

More about that when we get back.


Oh! And I got myself a new jacket and a cap yesterday as well!



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