Thought I should make a post about our Pre-Canada trip, and how we put it together with flights, living, activities and gear.


We used momondo as a searchengine to get out trip in one go, and quite cheap as well.

From Gothenburg to Vancouver and back 520:- $

And then a domestic flight to Calgary. 310:- $ (The route from Calgary to Banff is not jet decided.)


Our living is going throuth AirBnB where we going to rent a floor or a whole house durring our stay. We have had first conntact with the landlords, whom is going to be there at our service or rent out their entire house, where we paid somewhere around 2000 $ for the whole trip, minus the tent and park fees in Banff Nationalpark.


In Banff there are a lot of event and adventurecompanies that provides tours and guidings through out the Banff area.

We decided to take a horsebackride since we are there, and by doing it the day of arrival may get a few tips and tricks about what to do or where to go the rest of our stay.


It´s needed a parkpass when hiking in the nationalparks and other natureareas where wildlife need their space.

The pass you can get eighter at a supplier in Vancouver or banff, or online, on


Something that we swedes aren´t custom too, since we have the ”freedom to roam” wich can be seen both good and bad. If you controll the flow of people in an area (take a fee), the less probability there are that they litter all around.

But the controll of people can also be seen as a big-brothersyndrom.

A debate is adviced.


When we get back from Banff to Vancouver we going to have a nice ”typical vacation.” Just enjoing life and the city, seeing some sights, eat good food, and visiting a special place as an fieldtrip, to round up our vacation with some educational-guidance.

More about this later…


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