Kungsleden – Kingstrail


So like ”everybody else” (Sweds) I ended up doing the Kingstrail for my holiyday.

This trail is the most famouse all around as Sweden´s biggest trail, done be thousends of hikers every year.

In this I knew that it could be packed durring the most of the trail. Something that I usually planing for to get away from.

But this time I was going to take the risk due to an educationall trip doing the kingstrail, sins a my work usually gets me in contact with people that is going to do the hike and has a lot of questions about the hike and what, when and how about it.

Day one with verything packed together.

So I ended up buying a new set up of equipment, (not just for this hike!) But in a way to get some new lighter gear then the one I have, that I can use for lighter and smaller adventures in the future.


First i ended up waiting for trains, and was left by trains with a lot of other people, due to bad logistics from the traincompanies.

But when we finally got there, I stoped at Saltoloukta mountainstation to check it out and catch up with some friends from school and social.

The weather has been extreme sins spring and was not going to change durring this week. So the question was how I was going to stand the heat, but the new gear hopefully was going to let me get away a little easier.

View from my campsite at Saltoloukta.

The first thing on the trail was that I ended up with a 19 year old women from Littuenia that asked if she could tag along the first bit of the hike.

We ended up hiking sweaty and with heavy breathing sins the first obsticule was a steep hill with gravel and after that a flat landscape with absolutelly no shade.

The day ended up with a highspeed hike without any propper breaks or lunch, but just in time for the boat over for Tuesajaure.

We ended up taking the next stage as well, (Kaitumjaure) setting up camp separately sins we settled to continue on our own the next day.


After some searching for a good tentspot I ended up talking to the scanian-tenent when I was searching on the helipad, a keep-off site at all times.

Due to the good light I finally found a good place a little further down the trail, and had some dinner before going to sleep.

First days stop Kaitumjaure.

The next day took me in a little lower pase to the Singihuts where I meet some of the most people coming down from Kebnekaise and Nikkaloukta on their way to Abisko or the other way around.

Here I met a fluffy big fellow, the tenents dog. taking shelter under the cabin from the sun.

Here I also meet some people that I was going to bump in to later up on the trail.

I took of after some trading with the tenent, from a bag of nuts and berries that I left to ease the burgen, to a pack of matches.

The weather and the highspeed-hike from last day, had made me a bit careless and lazy when it came to preperation, I had a bag of matches but down in my pack somewhere.

Some lunchcompany at Singi.

That day I ended up with a nice lookout over a small riverdelta with biflows suitable for a bath, but! infested with mosquitoes. The emergencyhut got used as a drycabinett durring the night to dry my washed cloths. The hut was sunheated and felt like a switched of sauna. My tent was pitch on a small hill with a panoramaview of the delta,


Sins the first day in my tent, I had got a feeling of that this was not what I expected.

So I kept a pace up, doing 25-30 km a day. Not bad, or tiring, sins the light pack. But now with a look in the mirror, I could have taking down the pace a bit and do detours around the area. Maybe I screwed it up the first day with a direct longdistanceday.

An other campsite with a backlook-view. (Picture in header)

I ended up being out in the trail for 4,5 days from Vakkotavare to Abisko. And with some swollen ankles, due to the ”longdistance”-hiking and the extremely hot days.

Maybe the melancholy took the exitement out off the hike, due to all the talk about how extremely beautiful the trail was. Thought it looked like any other hike I´d done before. But maybe should give it another go some other time with some more time to explore the area.

Last day in Abisko national park, And with longing rain in the background.

I ended up in Abisko before the date I was going home by four days, and was just sitting around, waiting, ended up going to visit some friend in Norway, but got stuck with SJ an other time in the middle of nowhere, lossing the last hope for the trainservice in Sweden, rearranged the ticket to get me home that same evening.

But ended up getting on the same train that took me there, and getting home barrely two days before my ordinary time, but not three days as suppose to.

Fauna and flora, with the last picture of the trails end and the endweight on my pack.

(Grouse and a glacier growfoot)


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