Summer and time for mountains… Finally!


After something that feels like an age of silence, I´m just about to wrap up the plans for this years vacay, #Swemester.

Past time has been fully loaded with life and little time or inspiration to give you guys anything inspiring to read. But hopefully this will change.

In just one days time I am going, like half of Sweden, it seems. To do the Kings trail, (Kungsleden)


Tent and sleepingbag.

But with the difference that I am going to take the passage from Saltoluokta to Abisko instead of the ”classic” route from Abisko to Nikkaluokta.

It is going to be some education and some r´n´r, to be able to give the customers valuable information about the track and to get a first hands perspective on the trail, that seems to be the biggest thing and what ”everybody” does now days.



(Thoughts about it being crowded is noted, we see just how crowded it is going to be this time of the season.

I´m just going to plot out the tour and measure the distances. Then we´re set!

Bought myself some new gear to try out as well.



Trying to go for a bit lighter pack this year, but not sure how light it should be and how ”blog and documentary-friendly it should be.”



Right now it is summiting up to the whole of 17,7 kg, 39 lb Not sure if I would call that lightweiht or ordinary weight. time will tell, sure thing is that it could be slimed down a few kgs/lbs.




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