One month of silence, usually not okey, but this month has been a bit crazy and unusuall.

From sale to interviews and travels, with education and fairplaning.

It has been a busy month at least.


One a day back I was visiting Outmeals to se how the dudes where doing and get a little better understanding for how the work, and what is the newest thing on the outdoorfoodscene.


I have also packed and downsized my personal belongings more then they allready was. Just so I could live the compact life and lifestyle I want.

But it seem to be harder to do then expected.

Sure, it sounds free and liberating. But it is hard to live out of one bag. especially when you are coming from a lifestyle with 20 different shirts, suits and coats, too a parallel wardrobe with rucksacks, skies, sleepingbags and outdoorequipment wich would support a small city in economic-crisis.


I´m not sure if I got it all with my. *Scratches my head*

I could really recommend the documentary; ”Expedition Happiness” If you are in to get a van or vehiclehome.


So after I have been to Gothenburg on a jobinterview, and visited the other stores in the Naturkompaniet-family in the city, I came across an employee that also had a store that sell secondhand outdoorgear! And the perk about it is that you leave your stuff to them, they sell it, and you get half of the price back.

Tracksrecycle – Save the gadgets



(No advertising ad!) My Osprey system for the next week. I can really recommend the compressionbag for folks with bigger hikingboots, that you don´t want to travel with on your feet. (No advertising ad!)


So now when I basically live in a couple of duffles and boxes, I´m going to take one and go to Stockholm, as usually around this time of year. And both do a visit at the wildernessfair now – Explore.



And then some education for Naturkompaniet. And at the same time search for somewhere to live in Gothenburg before I start my new job.

(If you know someone or have a empty flat, give me a heads up!) Contactform


– Living the dream!

The new site!


”Oh yeah I got the job! ;)”

– From now on it just going to be schrimps and whitewine! – Oh wait, It was that thing about living small…


Lunch Gothenburg-style.


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