Toughts about what to do, when to do it. And round and round again.

Working, planing, tearing plans, mailing about the upcomming season.

Thoughts about new adventures…

The winter has FINALLY! come too Scania without any obvious snow, but at least some degrees below zero.

Winterview from home.

While I have worked exclusively, No time has been put in to fullfill any type of plans for adventures. Hopefully now some time while be available, to reason and sort out all plans and begin to get a shape on what is going to happening this year.

Amongst private plans for doing something,

  • the FB-group is growing and the urge to get out and met these people to is building up.
  • While the ”company” should be started and launched.

Together with finding where to live and what nisch to take on as a profession is building up and naging as an imminent bother.

On top of this, countless readings of people saying just let go! And embrace life.

Compact living?

But Analytical as I am, I allways have my mentors last words back in my head telling me to be employed for a few years and try find out what nich I should embrace as my own. And with the swedish-safe-style of living, with a stable job with no supprises, and a stable salary – mentallity.

It is hard to combine and embrace the ”let it go lifestyle” as my own.

The question is if the resent mailconversation about (maybe) write an article for one famous magazine about the time in Nepal is going to change everything and the megalomonia will arise, or if the forge has to be reheated afterwards.

Carpe diem – Captis somnium

But maybe I should dig down in to the plans of doing an adventure this summer and many small ones with the FB-group, just to be safe…Or not(?)



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