So the latest weekend took me to Stockholm and familiar faces.

Once a year the Adventureelite and others come together in Stockholm to give and hear lectures, chat with colleuges, connecting with sponsors, buisnesspartners, got inspiration and ideas from other adventurers.


Usually it is mostally Instagrampictures, blogposts comments and emails.

But once a year there is time to get together and get a face on the one you only have followed and read about while they have been out on an adventure, meanwhile you stay at home and try to find out what to do and just do your job to set food on the table and maybe save something to get away durring you vaccation.

But when you then met up with people like Johanna Davidsson, Tim Bogdanov, Fredrika Ek, Marcus Aspsjö, mfl. the inspiration is flowing and your mind is wandering of into planing and grinding about what you should do…


And to give you a little heads up about who these people are here comes a small presentation about them. You will be amazed!


Johanna Davidsson aka. Solo sister


Johanna skied to the southpole, by her self unsuported and became the fastest woman on skies to the southpole. WR! With 38 days!

Fredrika Ek. The bike ramble


Fredrika has been announced Swedish- and European-adventurer of the year! (Of 2017)

The bike maybe gives it away, but this amazing woman, bike around the world by her self!


Christian Boderen Homepage


Christian Bodegren has walked from Mongolia to the Caspiansea, with two Camels. And was appointed the male-adventurer of the year of 2017.



But it all begun before the weekend with a bookrelease with Emelie Forsberg and her book, ”Sky Runner”. It all was held at TNT´s (Team nordic trail) office, wich is in an old barn out on Djurgården. Where some of the people who was going to be at the fair started the weekend with mingle, Cuts and some drinks.


Down below is a collage from the weekend.

Thanks for a remarcable weekend, and for the inspiration!




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