So the season is over and I have returned back to Skane and Naturkompaniet to make some money before the next step… Wich no one knows what´s going to be.

Soon the cold weather will enter Skane as well.

I switched the mountains and sparkeling automncolours to greengrasfields and flat-grey country. While on the train on my way to work, in Lund I pass almost exclusively plowed fields and this thick grey-brownish farmersarea, wich aint much inspiring to anything really, but maybe, going to be if I go back to the hills and mountains.

Whilest here a small fear of becoming stuck grows with pushes about taking on a ”normal job” in the city.

The last lunch at the mountainstation before the long trip home.

It´s now two weeks sins I left Grövelsjön and the mountainstation, a quick visit over to Norway, a place I highlly can recomend for naturelovers. Especially when you stand between two of the greatest nationalparks, Jotunheimen and Rondane.

Looking out over the mountains in Norway, and in to Jotunheimen.


It has not been much free time sins I´ve got back, thou to I started working tree days before I was actually going to, and been working every open day sins. One even with a night time-”shift”, a clinique with Icebreaker in one of our Malmöshops.

Icebreaker, isolationlayer clothing for the adventure. With the sign of Malmö, a classic kebab.


Now it is five minutes until I start my shift, and I have to take down my coffee and a yoghurt before. Hope to have some more inspiring text for you to read soon. A positive side of being back home, my job at Naturkompaniet. 😉




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