Now I begin to understand how the weather has bin back home in Sweden this summer, and I´m glad that I have had my sunhours when I was on Mallorca.

Even if it has switch to autumn in the calender and in nature, it still feels like a grey and wet year here in Sweden.

Allready when I came back from Nepal and went to Stockholm to attend the wildernessfair, it was something of a crappy spring, with grey sky and cold. As if the spring hadn´t cought up with time.

And now when I am back from Mallorca, the same kind of weather waited for me with rain, wind and cold.

When the weather is bad, you can always look at a nice screensaver, have some coffee and take care of your boots.

If I turn to my Instagram-flow, and take a look on, what I easiest can describe as my far-colleagues, it shows pictures of burning sky, autumncolored leafs, and the dwarfbirch turned red, sunwarm days and features of leatherfeet and G-1000 fabric.

The pictures gets me woundering if moving north is a solution.

Together with the knowledge of that winter is coming with snow, if I stay here or go future north. Instead of wind, rain and more grey matter.

Autumnglow 21-24 September, come join us!

But first we have to finish of this season i Grövelsjön next week. And we do so with a weekend called, Höstglöd. Autumnglow, with guided hiking, lectures and livemusic.

You can read more about it on STF Grövelsjöns Facebookpage.




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