My first week at Grövelsjön is now at it´s end.

It has been something different from the work on Mallorca, but the weather, or the temperature is more to my liking up here. Dou we mostly have had rain this week.


The first new taste of the mountains came yesterday when I had a free day AND the weather was nice, for this season, no rain and slightly over 17-20 degrees, made me take my daypack and my coffeemug and head out for some terrain.

Sins I been thinking about take up on my  running again I scouted a trail towards Storvätteshågna, wich is the highest peak around with 1202 mas. So I toke my pack and headed out on the trail that I haven´t walked for more than one year ago. right before the summerhollidays when I was in school. The hike then was a test to see what we had learned durring the first half of the education, and was a hike from Grövelsjön to Idre, wich is an other skiresort, beyound the woods.


But this day was just for relaxation and comfort.

Coffee, nature and a small fire.

Coffee and a small fire, hot enought to grill a hotdog, jet small.


A small guide for getting a fire in the mountains.

Pic a spot that is free or on top of rocky ground so you dont burn down the soil and the vegitation around.

The best ones are the places where you find a nice sandbottom like this.

This is a perfect place to put up a fire on the steepe.


The don´t break wood of from the small bushes around, there are plenty of firewood just laying around. (Not that you should make a big fire out here anyway.)

Deadwood is white in the mountains. Collect whats lying around first, without breaking branches.

Lit with tinder, favourably birchbark that has been dried. It can do magic!


A small pice of scrapmetal I found on the way home.

meanwhile you can do some plogging (plogga) Jogg and pic garbage, the next big thing, in Sweden. Or Plondra, (plundra+Vandra, Swedish for plunder and hike)

Hope Erik, the guy that came up with Plogga, can see the fun in my wordtwist. 😉


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