Mixed times

With the ”off topic”-post about Chester Bennington, we now get back to more on topic, for this site.

Weighted down by the news about Chester Benningtons death, there are still some things that are positive and hints about good times ahead.

Tomorrow is going to be my last workingday on Mallorca, and in about two weeks time I am going to begin my next job, back in Sweden.



Femundsmarka but just a stonetrow away from Grövelsjön

I´m going to get back up in the saddle of the swedish mountains. Not as a guide unfortunately, but still on a mountaineeringstation.

Now in the middle of the season you more or less have to take whats thrown at you, and I´m going to be waitering in the resturant. No shame in that eigther, due to my food and drinking intrest.

And the spare time, wich is going to be durring the day (hopefully) can be spend in the mountains and maybe get some fire under my own projects and brand.

The place is Grövelsjön and we have some history together already sins this is the place we often came back to durring the education in Älvdalen. So the area and the station it self is well known and some of the staff is going to be familiar faces.

From Höstglöd wich we arranged durring 2016 in Grövelsjön, a Coal-bun with lingon.


At the same time my old job mails me and wants me to come back and work for them, but this time they have to wait until the time we first agreed on that I was going to come back to Sweden.

Hopefully there will be some workinghours left for that time.

Missing both places. Picture from Nepal.


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