Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington is dead. For the ones of you who don´t know, he was the leadsinger and front for the rockband Linkin Park. A rockband who toke the genre to new hights in 2000 with the debutalbum Hybrid theory where they mixaed rock with a DJ and an MC.

For you who knows me a sins before knows that this band had have big influence on me and the first band I could call my ”own music”, but as I learnt durring the years I haven´t been alone.

Chester became 41 years old and hung him self in his home.Read more.




One step closer – From Hybrid Theory was the bands debutsong and album but the song that toke the band out to the big crowd was In the end, where you also get a good hearing of the sound of the band.



Newest material from 2017 Heavy with Kiiara from One more light


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