Highsummer, constantilly swetting and a feeling of bing foul, together with minimal workinghours gives time and room for planing other things like what am I going to do when I get back to Sweden? Work, living, some kind of a trip? And future projects.

Göran Kropps book. Picture by Göran on K2.

Right now Ihave complited Göran Kropps (The grandfather of swedish modern adventures) book, 8000+ which as been used as THE inspirational book for a lot of adventurers in Sweden. Almost like a bible.

I am a little confused now thu what people mean, after that I got my hands on it and red it.

Sure, the book is written in a very good way, almost like a novel, and it gives you some ideas about adventures. But I do not feel this overpowering need of doing something, more then any other of the blogs or podcasts that I follow now days, or my Instagramflow where pictures of campfires in the sunset, skiers comming down the mountain in a big cloud of soft snow spouting behind them, or someone running in a distant mountainchain with amazing views all around.

Could the social media be the next generations 8000+?

Don´t missunderstand me now with that I think the book is a mediocrity. What Göran did are a most outstanding achievment, and the will he possessed is something very few persons I´ve heard possess ever sins. But if this gives inspiration, I don´t know. That at any cost reach your goals and don´t give up.

Those words can mean two different things which Göran talkes about in the book. And as the big Rob Hall, one of the biggest Everest-guides throw time used to his prospect for his company.


”Skillfull on a practicall way realize your dreams, we work so you can reach your goals. We not going to drag you up the mountain -You have to work hard – but we guarantess maximize your safety and your possibilities to success.”


This phrase can be interpreted in different ways, but if you work hard towards a goal, use good equipment and have got the knowledge in what you need, your chances increase towards you realizing your goal. Not that it is automatically going to be easy, but it is going to be done with a higher safetyknowledge and the reason why you quite is hopefully going to be from good judgement in which means that you turn around, after a clearsighted judgement instead of pushing your self to what ever the cost to the top and maybe come down still alive undepending on if you reached the top or not.

This last pice should be applied on any adventure, undepending on what it is.

A good up to date situation is this:

aftonbladet keb
From a Swedish newspaper about hikers needed rescue from the mountain, lack of gear and knowledge.


And as a footnot: Everybody that has seen the film Everest with Jake Gyllenahaal, maybe don´t know but it is the same time that Göran Kropp did his Everest summiting, but a few days after the disaster.



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