The show must go on!

The last weeks has been more or less on repeat and not much new under the sun is to rise notice about.


The Southest and of the island, reminds me a little about home.


The only new thing is that the summer has reached Mallorca as well and I´m in doubt-mode about it when people says it is going to be even hoter next mounth.

Of course this is not a real news but a chance when I took the job at first.

”Am I going to be able to handle the heat durring the summer months?”


Thankfull for the rain but on the wrong day.


It´s still a questionmark but gonna be tested durring the rest of the week while it is said that the temperature is going to raise above 35 towards 40 celsius, and with some climbingwalks durring this time, I think I will have a pretty good idea about how the summer is going to be like.


Coastall hike with a yogacamp.


While this time has been a lowactivity-time durring my time here. It has been a more brainactivity period when I´ve got the time to sit down and think about something else then the guests or wich bus I have to take to get back home.

And other stuff that I thought I would be able to do durring evenings after my workinghours has begun to spin and take shape.


Some things moves on fasttrack independentely.


Among these, a new project that just got it´s first brainstorming thoughts and the first lines are touching paper. It is going to be about Nepal and the project I did there this winter. But much more then that I can´t or would´nt reveal at this moment.

You just have to stay tuned and listen in.


Just sit down and wait.


Next week is going to be vacationtime and real time to get my stuff togheter, literally, when I realized that I have stuff down here that I don´t need or have use for.



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