Time for breathing and thoughts.


The hikingseason is about to end for real. On one side it´s a relief to not have any overhanging, ”must be done/fixed, and this should be done and before…” But on the other hand as the freetime takes overhand in the daily life, a new stress comes in to play, ”What should I do now with all passtime?”

Things that people see about the buisness


Last weeks has been braincapacity on 30-110% with transport, tours, some new ones, improvisation along the way, last minutes planing before total shut off before next day and head on a fly-math.

A logistic and execution that could have been a nightmare was when we hade a deutch group of 48! that was going to bike in Palma, we were three guides but it was still a confusion about how you direct that many people at the same time inside of the oldcity of Palma.

Of course we solved it, by redoing the plan.

A ship comes with…


We also did some cruisetours with both biking and hiking.

It was a small relief to get out in to the tracks again and guide without any bigger obstacles, with some houdini-powers and knowledge about the trek we even got back in time to the ship! As usually, when you guide americans they are easygoing and a change of pace when it comes to what is delivery, so if you teach them something about the nature or a tree you pass they are delighted and has something to take with them back home that others don´t know about.

And as a very pleasant end, that makes you bit your tongue, sometimes is that they almost always leave you with overwhelming  response and a big tip. That leads you in to invincible-guiding feelings.

When you have a deutch colleague, you better use him.


Last weekend we had an incident that involved me to do a dubbletour of citybiking with only 30 minutes preparationtime in between.

The lunch ended up with a coke and a icecream just to take down the inner heat. some minor failure inside of the oldcity with many bikers and locals, the tour ended well and, some time passtime was upcoming after these days.

Breath and lunch in between tours.


The sunday was a companytour with lunch, where we talked about how we guided the tour in the oldcity, and tips and trix was shared.

Monday was going to be a day of and ended with citywandering, and some new-eye-views on some parts of the town.

A touch of swed and north was shown durring the thuesday, when the boss invited me to do a reconnaissancingtour due to a MTBtour that is going to be held in a couple of weeks.

It was rain in the air when I left my apartment, and people we met during the morning asked us if we where still going to do the tour, when it begun to rain.

”Ja!” of course. If it´s planned it has to be done, Nina answered, reminding me about that if a nord plans something it is going down undepending to the weather. Something that dicerns us to many others.

Rain and mud don´t stop a swed.


Wet rocks, mud, and smallrain that makes your clothes sticks firmly, and to top it of, a bike that didn´t serve its purpose, with bad gear, made the day a smaller disaster, made me hike with the bike over every hill and replacing the chain more then 20 times.

Homesickness is eased!

But now the time comes for more time in the city and a more pleasant trouble about what I´m going to do with all free time due to the lack of tours during the highsummer-season. Hopefully I´m going to be able to fix with my own, and try to translate the blog intil english and look into the paperworks of starting my own, and becoming a freelancing guide for real.


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