One after the other.


Friday, and as it says, a free day.

This is just a break in the ongoing hike with a norwegian group called ”Vi over 60.” that I guide with a norwegian guide, Christian, who usually is stationed at the Canary islands..

This group resolved the swedish group from last week, who btw, went extremelly well.

Straight forward to Massanella.

So the sweds from last week, and my first own group left this past sunday after a successfull week, with some minor bumbs along the way.

Fears were overcome, and summits reached.

Some days I had to split the group in two due to some advanced hikking up a summit or just cause someone just wanted to stay down an have a break in the hike, while the others tried for the summit.

The summit of Galatzó.

We concluded the week with a good dinner at a resturant in Port de Alqudia along with some feedback, (mostally positive) before we said bye and it was time for some alone time and a special visit from Sweden for some days with a very appreciated delivery with swedish candy and swedish COFFEE! 🙂

A taste of home.


So rested from last weeks hike a norwegian group arrived this past weekend with their guide, Christian. Whom I´m tailing and guide with this week. so far we´ve been too Son Mico, a marvellous café owned by two french women, Ines and Isabell, who makes delicious cakes and pies.

Son Mico outside Deia.

This week is more like a day to day fieldtrip with cosy people, more than conquer summits or get most miles under the boots.

A time to find the moment and relax physically, but instead have a mental constant preperness.

And with breakfast at a fourstared hotel and a inspiration source like Christian times feels a bit easy.

twentysix people, a fifthytwo footed lane.

But today the sun is up and it´s not that worm anymoree wich means that a run could be suitable along with some exploring of Palmas icecreamsbars, to determine where the best iceream is hiding.

The face of mt. Massanella, with Rosemary in the forefront.


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