So the first official workweek is done and I have a day of, or a day to get my stuff together before the new guests are going to be guided around the island.


This past week has been a smooth one with only two clients durring the hole week. Sweds, mountaineers that travels around and just living. The couple Ivarsson.

They were supposted to get PR material for Pathfinder in sweden, that they, and we could get some nice pictures for our publicity.

Not all views come from raising your head.

So the actual guiding has not been in centre as much as a helping hand, when it comes to finding the way and to get good shoots.

Along side with the guiding that the clients never see. Planing, fixing, and security.

Uphill is fast becoming a habbit.


The hiking came down to be good as well.

We reaced the summit of Massanella, Mallorcas highest reachable peak, thou to ”stormy” conditions on the ridge.

We also got to see a black vulture. Europes biggest bird.

Cameraphone can only do so much.

And to top everything of, we got a grand receptioning in Valldemossa by Joan, the hotell manager at one of Ivarssons prebooked hotell. With welcome-drink, breakfast including coffee, ffresh pressed orangejuice, baugette and a mallorcanpotatocake, with a fruit and berrie-yoghurt-kickstarter.

Exquisite breakfastplaning!

Today is my day off, but tomorrow new 12 new guests from Pathfinder will ha their turn of seeing the island up close.


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