La Spaña!

So tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I´m traveling, or in other words, moving to Spain!

After less than two weeks back home in Sweden.

Everything that is missing now is a bike.

Yes it´s English language, but I had a thought that by now I would have some international readers and my visitorsmap says the same.

And the fact that people has said to me that they don´t understand what I´m writing suggest that it would now be suitable to switch into english thou to the new location and the fact that it´s coming a time in life to move forward and step into unknown ground.




The flight leaving tomorrowevening and will bring me to Palma de Mallorca, where I am going to be working for the coming season with a small company and do hiking- and biking-guided tours.

This is going to be my first seasonjob and my first paid work abroad. Nepal was a volunteer-job, wich means that I didn´t get paid for my work. (Economically)



Everything is packed, I have a place to stay, now it´s just a question about getting in to the work and learn everything before the guests comes down in two weeks.

It´s not gonna be easy, but hey… If it was, everyone would do it!


It ought to fit!


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