After some time with bad maintenance of posts and substains. I can now declare that Gothenburg is my new hometown and workplace.

After a couple of shady mounths in Scania, the future is more or less clear viewed.

100% employment and somewhere to live, (still inherent, but in the city!)


In a distance but not to far away, it is possible!

This creates time and space for development, both for the group, but also for the own brand.

Maybe now the wheel can start rolling.


The new site!

With 15 minutes biking to downtown and the new workplace, I´m not only saving money on not taking the car. I contribute my share part in the enviromental quest as well, and get some of the fat burning as well, at least on the way home.


Along with the arrival of spring at the same time, this has to be a sign and a mark of that something good is coming!

Sign of spring, crocuses, and clear skys.


Now it is time for some more exploration before I have to get home and prepare for tomorrow. -I should not be too far away from a big nature-compond. More on that later.

Nos vemos! (See ya!)


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