A quick word from the Coach!

Here I am going to collect tips and trix that I am using when I am out on my adventures. Hopefully they are usefull for you to and makes your outdooractivities and adventures easier. Or maybe it gives you a new angle about how to do different things out there.


Make a daytrip:

  • Pack a backpack.
  • Step out throw the door.
  • Seek a good place for a coffeebreak.
  • Reflect and drink the coffee.


Quite bigger adventure that requires planing:

  • Know what you want to do, hike, paddle, fish etc.
  • Do a tourplan, Where am I going to be, WHEN CAN I do this? Why should I do this?
  • A safetyplan, if something should happen during the tour.


Equipment that could save a day, or a hole week of adventure.

  • Sportstape.
  • A first aid kit specific due to the adventure.
  • Tasty snacks, energy in different kind.
  • Hot beverage in a thermos.
  • Phone and a batterypack.


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