Paddla för Dalälven

Dalälven is Swedens third biggest River and runs down from Stor-våndslake in the northwest corner of Dalarna and getting to its delta 542 KM forture east in Skjutskär and The Eastern sea.


This area says to be, the southern border between the north and south of Sweden. And was former used as a waterroad to transport timber to the easternsea-area.


The hardest part is how you do it.

In this area I went out, the same way as the old shippers had done before, to prove the problem of poluting of our waters. You maybe allready know about Håll Sverige rents (Keep Sweden clean) campains about cleaning up the eastern sea and the westcoast from garbage, that can be found around the whole swedish coastline.

If you zoom in you can actually se a bike on the bottom.

But where does the garbage come from? Germans on their way to Sweden with the ferry, Rockstock-Travemünde? Or partyrussians between Åbo-Stockholm?

Yes, maybe some, but the main polution is happening in our swedish freshwater and inland, wich then being flushed out to the coast where is then washes up on our beaches and interacts with water and beachliving creatures and organisms.


Durring this tour I tried to enlighten wich kind of garbage, and where it comes from and meanwhile I collected what I found, and could bring with me and recycle along the way.

Durring the tour I also had a foundation for  Håll Sverige rent with the hashtagg #Ettskräpomdagen I hopfully got you people with me to get out in your own environment and helped me clean up the swedish naure of our garbage.

And so that new economic-means got in to Håll Sverige rent to orgonize more events and meatups to go collecting garbage around Sweden.

Prijon Marlin Sponsered by Kajaktiv.



Besides trying to convince you to get out and start collecting garbage, I wanted to prove that it aint that hard as it looks to get out in nature. It does´nt take endless amount of time or a fat wallet to get out and enjoy the fantastic nature that we do have.

COMPLETELY FREE! in our own country. And maybe I could get some of you to stay at home next summer instead of traveling south and explore your own land instead. The experience of an adventure says more then a sandy beachtowl from Mallorca ever could. And the conversations durring next family dinner, girls night out or pokernight gets a whole new depth when you say ”I went mountaineering this summer.”

As I said, I could´nt bring all garbage with me.

My social media was updated durring the time I paddled to my destination, with media and posts. Wich did´nt allways proving to be that easy.

Let yourself be inspired of my mini-expedition, that hopefully get you to take that first step out of the door.


”The first step to an adventure goes thru the door.”

Below you find the links to the posts I did durring the tour. (In swedish):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The movie

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