2015 was the year when I quit my job and sat my self down in the schoolbench once again.

After two years of waiting I got in to the education I strived for sins I first heard of it.  YH-Fjäll och Äventyrsledarlinjen i Älvdalen.

It has been 1,5 years filled with development, adventure and escapades sins the first week, where I met new friends, got new contacts and entered a world full of my own dreams and fullfillment of my self.

This place have made me challange my self both physically and mentally trhu diverse acheivments, from chasing alltitude and time on skies, to interact with a group and make final decisions, plan tours to paying guests, and make analyzes situations and happenings that can end in disaster.

During the time I spent in Älvdalen a whole new world has revealed itself, the courses that nearally can be called tours, have releaved one an other, and we scooped certificates and proof of what we have done.

Some of the things I have done is as follows:

  • Mountaineeringguide summer/winter – Fjälledarnormen
  • Tourleader 1 Seakayaking according EPP – European paddle pass
  • Green level of seakayaking according to EPP – European paddle pass
  • Whitewaterraftingsguideeducation
  • Svelav PRO 1 – Avalanche training
  • Glaciersguide – Norsk fjellsportforum
  • C2-Ropeaccess – High alltitude track
  • Green card – Climbing
  • WAFA – Wilderness Advanced First Aid




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