The trip

This is the route for our trip this year to Canada:


We are Flying from Gothenburg to Vancouver thru Helsinki and Los Angeles. A trip that is going to take 15,3 hours.

After that, we are going to spend five days in Vancouver, just getting our barrings and sightseeing so we know where to go when we get back from Banff for the last week.

When we have get rid of our jetlag and seen the city (Vancouver) we are off to Calgary for next transport to Banff-city. We are going to figure out the transport when we get to Calgary.


In Banff we going to stay in a B´n´B with homemade, served breakfast . 😀

In Banff we going to do dayactivites, like horsebackriding, running, and hopfully some adventuressightseeings as well.


When we have rearanged our bags, we are going to hike some of Banff nationalpark trails and see the backcountry of Canada. Hopfully seeing some animals and scenery, just enjoy the time off and the nature.

Then after we have been all dust and gravel for some days we will be back in Banff-city for a last night indoors at the same place we left, getting a shower and a nice indoornight before going back to Vancouver for a classic week of vacation. With some dine out, and hopfully going to make a study at a special place, before we are leaving for home, after three weeks on the other side of the Atlantic.

More about that coming up.