Activites and places

These are the activities and places we going to visit.


First we are going to Vancouver for five days just to get the worst jetlag ou of our system.

Visiting the city and see the sights.

Like Gastown, wich is a part of the old town of Vancouver with narrow streets and small shops and resturants.


Then the Capilanobridge. North of the city, which is a naturepark with an suspension bridge over a valley with some treesuspensionbridges and a closed park on the far side and the visitorscentre on the other.


We also looking up Stanley park, wich is a giant greenarea, with some grassfields and a zoo.


After the week in Vancouver we going to fly to Banff and stay in town for four days, and build up the last of our supplies before heading out in the backcountry.

While we are in town, we´re going horsebackriding with a cookout, and look up what we are going to do and what hikes to take whilest out of reception.


When we are coming back from the hikes, we going to rest up one night in Banff and then head back to Vancouver for a lazy city-vaccation, before heading back to Sweden.