Sam Andersson

Sam Andersson, man, 30 years from Landskrona, Sweden. Found passion for adventure like many others thru the scouts.

sylarna 2005

But the interest for mountains and outdoors was introduced after a second course during secondery upper school, during my time at the technology program in Landskrona.

The course was called ”the mountains of sweden” and was a choice during our individual weeks.

The entire course was about prepering us to survive a week in the mountains, and the course ended with a weeks hiking in the mountains.

Along the course and the project, that continued throu out the semester I realized the hunger for adventure and specially the mountains growed inside of me.

The material that we hade got in homework during the course was finished in a mounth and it all ended up with that after the homecoming of the hike, I changed school to educate my self to become a mountaineeringguide, full time on Naturbruksgymnasiet in Osby.


After finishing the studies here, with both a second course in winterguiding and a scubacertificate, I graduated in time to do a summerjob and wait for my deployment and my military service to begin.

HMS Falken, klart skepp inför insegling i Danmark.

After bootcamp in Karlskrona for the navy, I was put on a bus to Stockholm and Berga navalbas, to do demining in the baltic sea.

Until one day when our comander came to us and said that we had to do a new choice before the summerleave.

Eighter change to one of the new vessels in the corvettedivision, or a trip to Gothenburg was awaiting and an enrollment of one of the schoolvessals SHMS Gladan and SHMS Falken, that was normally sailed by cadets that studied to become naval-officers.

Denna 30-dagars resa skulle ta mig till  Irland och Dublin innan det var dag att åka med

This 30-day trip was going to take me to Irland and Dublin, before I got relieved by new crew and it was time to get back home by a specialordered plane back to Sweden before completing my service on SHMS Visborg.


So after ” the muck” I returned home to Landskrona, to get me a job.

Wich first took me to a furniturestore

where I became Vicemanager, before I got a new fulltime job at HSB, Where I had summerjobs sins I was fourteen.

After some time I got a tip by a old friend from Osby that his work was seeking a new garderner to Björnstorps estate.

I put in my application, got a call from the manager who wanted to met me, and it ended with that I got the employment with:

”Can you begin on monday?”

Three years fasttrack and we are still on Björnstorp with three weddingcermonies where I helped during the entire preperation and a funeral. My thoughts was wandering of to do something new again and a feeling that reminds me of adventure and outdoors, when I at the same time gets a request to be head of preperations and execution of an other wedding within the Gyllenkrok family. And on the evening be the brides moms right-hand and ensure her that everything went along as planned.

After the wedding I came to relize that I had an aptitude for eventplanning and that I felt a calm that I have not felt before. That ended up with that I scrolled for educations where I could work with things in the same or equall direction as an weddingplanner, ending up finding a profession-education in Älvdalen. Here I could combine my eventplanning with my interest for adventure and mountaineering.

I sent for the applicationpapers, filled them in and sent them back, at the same time I saw that it was two month to late for the application for next semesters education. And at the same time it came to my knowledge that an other mate from Osby had been acknowledged to do the education that semester.

It ended with me following every step they did durring that semester and year, by submiting to their blog and kept in touch with my friend to get a feeling of belonging in a enviroment that I had become too miss.

Disapointed that I didn´t made it, and the freshly found spirit for the outdoors does that I durring the winter of 2013 starts a Facebookgroup with the name ”Äventyr Från Skåne.”

Äventyr Från Skåne

And with a sad reply that the education ain´t going to be started durring 2014 eighter,I begin to consume everything that has to do with adventure and the outdoors. From reading on forums and listening to podcasts and everything else I can get my hands on.


Time flies…

And finally some good news!

The education of 2015 gets green light and the application opens.

But this year it is a special application due to the pressure on the education and people who wants to get in to de education.

All papers that are of meritorious, a physical test and a personall letter about why I should be accepted has to be sent in to the school.

Physical test!

After a leginjury in 2010, after lack of rest from a Göteborgsvarv, (Half marathon) that had not healed properly, I became nervous about completing the admission at all, when I now only could run 1K as it where.

A call to a physiotherapist and a appointment, we realized that hard work with rehab and muscletherapy I would be able to do the physicaltest for the school, that was going to be a beep-test.

At the same time I was going to do a obsticalerace as well a month before the application for the education had to be sent in. Wich the physiotherapist  strongly advised me not to do.

tought viking

A completed Tough viking – Stockholm, a finished physical-test and and a completed education on Fjäll- och Äventyrsledare. And a dream has been realized.

What is the next target, can be read about under the headline Adventures!


A quick word from the coach.


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